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Getting your job application documents right is not just about what information you include. Do you know how to present the information? How to write quantitative outcomes? What to leave out?

  • Not sure where to start with your document?
  • Not getting the call backs for interviews?
  • Using a document template from Google or MS Word?
  • Using the same résumé for every application?
  • Cover letter missing the mark?

If this sounds like you, then a professionally written document could be a useful job-seeking weapon to add to your arsenal. Why not submit your current document for a free Résumé Health Check and learn what we can do for you?

An Inconvenient Truth

The process of finding a job is becoming more competitive and unfortunately it’s not always the best person for the job that lands it; often, it is the person who has sold themselves the best. In a job market that so heavily favours the hirer and with a reported average of 5-7 seconds to grab a hirer’s attention with your application, impressive and marketable application documents are even more vital now than they have been before.

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