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Whether you are just setting forth on your professional journey or you are well experienced in the plod of your career, we can help you find your way, reinvigorate your approach and attain your goals.

Our solutions include:


We are known for our innovative and appropriate approach to helping our clients attain their goals. However, our documents are tailored to suit your personality as well as your experience so if you are a “no frills” type of person, this can be reflected in your documents.

It is important to stand out from the crowd. But you need to stand out for the right reasons. We can help you do this.

Industry Experience

We have a strong track record of over 80% of our clients reaching interview and with your Career Development Leader, Zoë Wundenberg, having an honours degree in Arts and a background including recruitment, human resources, and journalism, you are guaranteed to benefit from the experienced service and professional writing skills that we can offer.

Our experience spans a multitude of industries in the white collar, blue collar and mining sectors and includes working with people from entry level right up to CEOs and assistants to State Premiers.

manager_iconWhite Collar Industries

Whether you are applying for your first job as a receptionist, or are looking for a corporate director role, Impressability is qualified and experienced to help you reach your Career Development goals. With experience and success in the provision of documents for people in retail, business, strategic planning, customer service, banking, professional and government roles, our success rate speaks for itself.

Our background in recruitment and personnel management as well as government work for white collar industries, we can provide strong, tailored Résumés, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria Responses to fulfill your needs. LinkedIn profiles are also a great way to maximise your networking potential for someone in a white collar role and is well worth your consideration.

bluecollarBlue Collar Industries

Are you working in heavy industry or construction and need help with applying for jobs? We know what questions to ask to make sure that your document contains the information that the hirer is looking for. Breaking down your key duties into detailed tasks that demonstrate your skills to the best of your ability is key to providing your hirer with insight into just how well you will fit with their company.

We know what the equipment looks like and what the tickets and licences are that you need to get ahead in the industry. We can help you demonstrate your skills, experience and qualifications through providing appropriately detailed information ensuring that you have included what you need and excluded the information that is unnecessary while presenting your candidacy with an eye catching design that is sure to make your Résumé and Cover Letter stand out from the crowd.

dumptruckiconMining Industry

Our attractive and functional documents have proven to be successful time and again for our mining clients. Whether you are trying to break into the industry, are looking for a permanent role, a change or a promotion, our experienced services will offer you an advantage that is sure to set your application apart. This industry is extremely competitive and you need to make sure that your application is top of the pile.

With first hand industry experience from an HR professional who has worked in the Mining industry, we know what the hirer is looking for. Whether you are applying for a Traineeship/Apprenticeship, a Trades Assistant role, an Operator position, a Geologist job or a Superintendent role, we will provide you with a customised and polished document that doesn’t work to templates, but to your professional identity.


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