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Want to write your own Résumé but need:

  • a plan?
  • a writing guide?
  • a proven layout?
  • some support?

Our templates come with a Résumé Writing Guide, written by our Career Development Specialist, Zoë Wundenberg. This guide shares some inside information about what to include and how to present it from a professional with a proven track record in writing successful documents.

You will also have access to a Comprehensive Appraisal Report (valued at $19) once you have finished your document which allows you to have a career professional cast their eye over your Résumé and provide you with tips and recommendations for improvement to help you take your document to the next level.

If you try the template and decide that you just don’t have time to finish it yourself or you would like a professional to finish it off instead, we will subtract the cost of the template package from the price of developing your Résumé so you don’t have to pay twice

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