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 Client-focused and outcome-based, our approach to résumé writing is tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring that your document reflects your voice as well as well as your skills.

Whether you are just starting out, looking for a change or ready for that promotion, we can help you design and build a résumé that is tailored to your needs. We don’t work from content templates so you are secure in the knowledge that every word that is written is done so from scratch and is based on your own professional background.

Our designs are innovative, our concepts are fresh and we tailor the design to you. This means that if you are a professional manager gunning for a promotion, the layout and design of your document will reflect this. If you are applying for a graphic design role and your document needs to reflect a little flair, we can do this too.

Our focus is delivering appropriate, professional and innovative documents that reflect our clients’ personalities as well as their experience.

There are different types of résumés that are relevant for different scenarios. Do you know which résumé you need?

    This is the most common résumé format. As the name suggests, it provides a chronology of your work history starting with the most recent position and working backwards. This is a good format to use if you are applying for a similar job to your current role.

    When you have a clear and relevant work chronology, a career graph is an excellent tool to demonstrate this for the hirer at a glance. You can use this graph to demonstrate your career progression alongside your academic progression and highlight your promotions along the way.

    career graph sample

    computer skills graph sampleAre you looking for a change of pace? Interested in a different industry? This is a great résumé approach to demonstrate your transferable skills and how your experience would be of value to the hirer. You still need to include your work history, but this approach focuses on the skills you have attained over the course of your career.

    Breaking up the monotony of text with the occasional well placed, appropriate graphic makes your résumé easier to read. As long as graphics are used appropriately and sparingly, it allows the hirer to see at a glance how you might fit the bill and it can also makes your document more easily remembered – people remember images much more effectively than text. Using a graph to measure the extent of your skills in certain areas is an excellent way to leave an effective and positive impression.

    Just starting out? This approach is for you. If you are a recent high school or tertiary graduate, your relevant work history will probably be a little thin on the ground. This approach to your résumé will enable you to focus on your certifications and qualifications while highlighting the skills and experience that you have attained along the way.

    Including some of your community involvement and extra curricular activities will also contribute to presenting you in a more holistic way. Making use of occasional graphics can provide you with an alternative method to present the information that makes your application stand out from the pile as long as they are used appropriately and not overwhelmingly frequently.

    Extra Curricular Activities

    How do our documents stand out?

    Our dedication to staying at the top of the career development industry shows in our innovative solutions to Career Development strategies. This approach is constantly evolving to make the most of technology development and new ideas. Some of these solution options include:

    • Focusing on achievements and quantitative data that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to meet the needs of the potential position.
    • Clear and consistent formatting.
    • Career Profile with the option to include a Career Graph and Skills Snapshot to grab the hirer’s attention on the first page.
    • The option to include a QR codes that are coded to connect the hirer to your LinkedIn account or even create a contact in their smart phone with your name and phone number preloaded.
    • The option to use hyperlinking through web formatting or creative footers
    • Appropriate contrast use of colour using colour psychology to choose the best combinations for your application.

    Paired with career counselling or coaching, you have the opportunity to really identify your key selling points and market yourself effectively. Identifying your value proposition will give you a distinct advantage going into any job application.

    Talk to us about your career needs. We believe in collaboration and can tailor an approach that will specifically assist you with your individual situation.

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