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Random Acts of Thoughtfulness

Word Cloud - Inspirational eCardWhen was the last time you turned to your colleague and said “Hey, great job, man!” or to your sibling and said, “Congrats on your awesome presentation!” or to your best mate and said, “I know you really screwed up at work, but what are they gonna do? Take away your birthday?” Random Acts of Thoughtfulness when no one thinks you’ve noticed their ups or downs can often make a big difference to not only how a person feels, but also how they respond to the situation.

Encourage your fellow humans! Encouragement is at the root of support. We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced success and failure and we all know how a well timed pat on the back or surprise chocolate bar on our desk can really make our day.

So why not send an eCard?

Whether your fellow human is experiencing an ordinary time at work and needs a pick me up, has just landed an exciting new job, has a job interview they are nervous about or you just want to let them know you think they are awesome, pick one of the images below (or upload your own) and fill out the fields in the form to send the eCard and make a difference to someone’s day.

These eCards are all about sharing the love. So in the spirit of thoughtfulness, all eCard recipients will be given the chance to receive an extensive free résumé appraisal.

(It doesn’t cost any money to send an eCard, but we’d be totally stoked if

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