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job mouseAre you on LinkedIn? Perhaps you should be! There is an increasing number of companies these days that are hiring before they are advertising. In fact, statistical research suggests that as high as 80% of all job vacancies are never advertised. Immersing yourself in LinkedIn can help you connect with the ‘right” people to assist you in attaining your career goals.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, companies are starting to jump on the LinkedIn band wagon and online applications are often streamlined with the option to use your LinkedIn profile to apply for the position. This means that your profile is really important to get right. Before you dismiss this recruitment approach as an alternative companies reserve for high-end corporate jobs, BHP for example offer this for all applications at all levels of employment. Yep, this includes dump truck operator roles and trainee positions.

Finding the perfect job is difficult enough. Winning it in such a competitive market takes dedication, hard work and effective use of technology and resources to put your best foot forward whether it is shod in soft Italian leather loafers or dusty steel capped boots.

How can we help?

Whether you just need us to write your profile including defining your skills list, employment narrative and bio, or if you need some training in how to use LinkedIn to maximise your opportunities and build your brand through the group discussions, we have got you covered.

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