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Outplacement services are required at a time when an individual is in a period of change which often leads that person to demonstrate strong emotions and stress about their future. Each individual responds to this situation uniquely and with this individuality in mind, Impressability focuses on providing our outplacement clients with assistance on how they are personally responding to their transition and the needs that they present which eases the transition for both the company and the individual. Being able to identify the place of counselling and coaching in the process of change for people in transition is a focal strength of our services.

Outplacement Service Options

The outplacement services that we offer include:

      • Career Counselling: to help the individual come to terms with their situation and manage their emotional response to the transition. This can also be helpful in the identification of the individual’s motivations, passions, potential areas of interest and relevance as well as transferable skills.
      • Career Coaching: guiding the client through my uniquely designed approach to Career Development involving guided self-analysis of skills, qualifications, goals, minimum requirements and job market tendencies together with the development of a realistic time-action plan.
      • Interview Coaching: working with the client in mock interview scenarios and working through techniques for managing nerves together with training in behavioural based interview responses.
      • Personal Branding: guiding the client through the process of defining their professional identity and learning how to market it effectively.
      • Résumé: provision of an up to date Résumé appropriate to their level of seniority and experience.
      • Cover Letter: provision of a Cover Letter that highlights the individual’s relevant skills using quantifiable and demonstrable language.
      • LinkedIn Profile: Reviewing individual’s LinkedIn Profile to ensure SEO and the inclusion of appropriate content and the provision of a report outlining my recommendations.(There is an option to add on LinkedIn editing and group associations.)
      • Job Searching: provision of job searching resources and information on how to look for work including advice on tapping into the hidden job market.
      • Job Market Analysis: provision of information regarding the opportunities for work in the individual’s field of experience and/or interest.

If you are a business owner or manager and are interested in our outplacement services, please contact us and we will submit a proposal to you for your consideration.

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