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30 min session

Career Coaching – 30 mins


Brief session perfect for a follow up session or a brief interview coaching session

Product Description

Career Coaching is not just for the corporate executives – everybody has the right to a fulfilling career regardless of whether they are a CEO or a labourer. Many career development companies focus on leadership training and corporate career advancement and while we can help you with that if that is where you are heading in your career, we are not focused on the “type” of client that we have, but the type of work that we can do to make a difference to our clients.

Our philosophy, “Dream, Plan, Live©” is based on the idea that we all have potential. We all have the capacity for greatness regardless of the definition of that greatness. We all want the most we can get out of life. Our coaching programmes are designed to help you achieve that, no matter what you do for a living. Steeped in the practical approach of our Career Development Specialist, Zoë Wundenberg’s five steps, we help you design realistic goals to achieve tangible outcomes that will help you on your way to greater job satisfaction.

“Career Development is not just about what you want. It is also about what you need.”

  • Seeking a coach to help you develop and then push you through your career development or leadership plan (no matter what you do for a living)?
  • Looking for some advice?
  • Feeling a little lost?
  • Need assistance setting goals?
  • Would you like to learn how to create or tailor your Résumé?
  • Need practice or help in preparation for interviews?

Talking to a professional career development coach can help you find confidence in your career path and help you to identify areas of weakness to work on as well as areas of strength to promote. It is also a great way to soundboard your ideas, brainstorm your options and be held accountable to yourself for reaching your goals.


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