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Successfully managing your career involves investing time in your professional development. This might include being aware of the most relevant job board sites for your needs, keeping up to date with relevant literature, keeping motivated or managing your emotions through music and taking advantage of regular meetings with your career coach and/or counsellor.

Here are some resources to get your started. If you have any suggestions that are not already included, send us an email or comment on the page with your ideas – we love feedback and are always happy to expand our resources to meet your needs.

Maintaining your career is just as important as managing change.

If you start reading these books or working on your LinkedIn profile when you urgently need a new job, you have left it a little bit late! Start your conscious journey through career development now. Even if you are happy in the job that you are doing, maintaining that happiness takes work and commitment to your own continuous improvement.

It is never too early to start making yourself invaluable to your employer.

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