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Whether you are planning your career, maintaining your equilibrium, keeping a hand in the job market or looking for your next job, it is important to know what job boards are comprehensive, what local businesses can help you on your life’s journey and what documents are available for download to help you make your decisions.

Job Boards


#1 Job Seeking Site in Australia: http://www.seek.com.au

http://www.careerone.com.au              http://mycareer.com.au

http://jobsearch.gov.au                        http://www.graduatejobs.com.au

http://adage.com.au                            https://www.apsjobs.gov.au


Some Helpful Local Service Providers

There are a number of things that contribute towards our personal brand. Our sense of health and wellbeing, our self-image, financial position as well our professional capacity, strengths and weakness are important to how you portray yourself in the workplace. While I advocate for regular consultations with your career coach/counsellor, the following people can help you get on track with some of the other parts of your brand.

Chiropractic Wellbeing – Dr Scott Walters

Dr. Scott was born and raised here in Albury, before embarking on his chiropractic training over 20 years ago. His focus in practice has always been family wellness, and as such has always seen people of all ages, with many different types of conditions. He has a commitment to life long learning, and is constantly upgrading his skills and qualifications in areas such as wellness practices, nutrition, exercise, Chinese herbal medicine, sports specific care and rehabilitation. His commitment to ongoing training earned him the Mertz Chiropractic Excellence award (one of the first times given outside of North America).

Website: http://www.chiropractic-wellbeing.com.au/
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Real Time Accounting – David Rynne

David Rynne has worked with business owners and individual tax clients for nearly 20 years. Clients appreciate his relaxed, personal, hands-on approach and that he can always be contacted. David is fantastic to talk to about personal budgets and managing funds.

Not your average, garden variety accountant…. I use laymans terms, am friendly, approachable and enthusiastic about working with clients. I go beyond that business relationship and have become good friends with many clients. All of my clients are important they trust me to look out for their best interests.

Website: http://www.realtimeaccounting.com.au/
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Heather Passant Enterprises – Heather Passant

Heather is a qualified Integrative Coach Professional and loves to take people on a journey, a walkabout, to a place they would never have gone to on their own. It is a place invisible to the eye but where your true strength and courage comes from, a place within. It is in this place that you can overcome your obstacles and challenges, embrace our imperfections, mistakes and heartache and return to wholeness, living a life of integrity, responsibility and congruence.

Website: http://lifeharmony.com.au/
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