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** the free initial consultation is a 20 minute meeting in person, over the phone or via Skype available to you when you order a product or service from us (this includes documents, LinkedIn services, coaching or counselling).


Custom Career Documents       Custom Career Documents

Résumé writing is more than just typing out a work chronology; that's why all of our document services come with a one-on-one session to unpack your skills, identify your achievements and assist you to define your strengths and areas for learning. This approach will help you to identify your niche and ultimately, sell yourself at interview. Whether you are just starting out or are a career veteran, our Résumés and Cover Letters are sure to impress as we help you to build your brand.

LinkedIn       LinkedIn

With research suggesting that 80% of jobs are filled without advertising, making use of social media sites such as LinkedIn is becoming more and more important to tap into the hidden job market make connections and build your reputation. We offer three package options tailored to your needs whether you just want someone to put the meat on the profile bones, set up your group memberships and company affiliations or provide you with coaching in how to best use the site, we can help you.

Career Coaching       Career Coaching

Whether you need Resume Coaching, are looking for some advice, want some validation or need someone to push you to set your goals and hold you accountable to reach your targets, our Career Development Leader, Zoë Wundenberg, has developed a practical and realistic approach to Career Development. She can help you identify your strengths, guide you through goal setting and developing a time-action plan for realising those goals within a realistic framework.

Career Counselling       Career Counselling

Career counselling can help guide you through change as well as help you find direction and focus, but it can also help you maintain the health of your mental attitude to your current job which is even more important that focusing on where you are heading next. There is more to it than personality testing and graphs. Really listening to your thoughts and offering a space for you to work through current work tensions with an objective third party can be a relief as well as helpful.