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Are you chasing a dream or will 'any job' do?

As both a recruiter and a careers practitioner, ‘anything’ is the answer I have often heard when I have asked someone what they want to do for a job. People perhaps don’t want to appear to be picky in case you don’t consider them for a role that would mean money to them, or perhaps they are so desperate for work that they don’t stop to think about what they should do, what they want to do, or even what realistically they can do. Work is work and when there are bills to be paid, choice can be seen as a luxury that they simply cannot afford. (more…)

Chaos Theory of Career Development

Life can sometimes throw the most unexpected curve balls. When I was a school kid (here, in Albury in fact), I can honestly say being a career development practitioner was never my response to the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up.’ It doesn’t seem to be the kind of career that a person aspires to as a child – it tends to be something we fall into along the path to other destinations.


5 Ways an Online Resume Builder Can Kill Your Application

We’ve all seen the Résumé Builders available online often on job boards, career resource websites, and <gasp> career development websites. They are often free and for many people, they provide the quick fix for the chore of writing their own résumé that they have been looking for. However,is it really the answer for Australian jobseekers? (more…)